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I’m hearing a lot of different things regarding trading draft picks so I thought I would post that I believe here. I think the Montreal Canadiens are talking about trading the 5th overall pick and that might be to entice the Flames to swap with them so they could draft Tij Iginla.

If any team is a lock to trade their draft pick. It’s the Sabres. They have the 11th overall pick and that could impact the Philadelphia Flyers who are at 12. I say that because the Flyers might like a certain player and this team who makes the trade might swoop in and get said player. Especially if the first 10 picks are loaded with defense and some surprising names drop.

I think Adam Jecho is on the rise. I have an article coming out about him in the near future. You’ll see why when that posts.

It seems like Beckett Sennecke talk has calmed down simply because of the large group of defensemen that are expected to go. If Artyom Levshunov goes second, as an example, then expect that to be a reality.

As expected, some of the players who played in the Memorial Cup aren’t going to do any of the stations at the combine. However, I was told Sam Dickinson is going to and I give him credit. Sometimes players are so competitive that you can’t hold them back and I think that’s the case with this one.

This draft is very important to teams like the Flyers, Blackhawks, Sharks, and Ducks as an example. They have to hit on their picks.

Utah, not sure of their full name yet, is going to be aggressive since they have a lot of picks, and cap space, and they want to make the playoffs next year if they could.

A lot more to come here and on www.sportsology.com including my final rankings which will drop early next week.

photo: Clayton Keller combine flashback @Sportsology


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