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Max Plante Making a Big Push Towards the 2024 NHL Draft

Max Plante plays for the NTDP. His father, Derek, had a nice NHL career. Many would remember his play in Buffalo. This pivot is a terrific playmaker and has been impressive with 45 points in 37 games with the U18 team.

His 34 assists are second on the team and that’s his best asset. He thinks the game well. So this helps him find guys ahead of the defense. I like his vision.

When you talk to him, he’s as cool as a cucumber. He understands all the pressures of the game because of his dad and has always been around the game.

He’s 5’10 ish, and will get stronger and faster, I’m not worried about that. I do think he can handle playing center as he moves up the ladder.

Going to Minnesota Duluth will help him gain strength and even more confidence playing under such a solidly coached program. Plus he will play with his brother Zam there as well.

Can he get to the bottom of the first round? I think there’ s a chance. Let’s see how the year plays out but so far, if I’m picking, I think the top part of the second round is a safe spot until further notice.


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